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4th Match Day
4th Match Day2,4,9 & 11 December 2020--------------------Wed-Fri 02/04.12--------------------Raging Bull FC - Rebel Army 8:7 (2:5)RAG: 3 Martines, 3 Penques (MVP), Barreiro, NoseREB: 2 Herkov, 2 King, 2 Skalic, McCarthy / YC: King, SkalicDrink Team - FC Jako Tako 8:3 (3:2)DT: 3 Worwa (MVP), 2...
3rd Match Day
3rd Match Day 21 October / 2 & 4 December 2020 ---------------------------------------- Wednesday 21.10 -------------------- S.I.F FC - Raging Bull FC 4:8 (2:6) SIF: 3 Donoghue, Cussen / YC: Shorten RAG: 5 Soares, Barreiro, Murta, Nose / YC: 2 Nose RC: Soares - Pissarra (MVP) Drink Te...
Due to another lockdown and the announced level 5 of "living with COVID-19" nationwide, all league games have been suspended until the restrictions are loosen to the lower level. We hope to come back after the planned 6 weeks of forced break.We wish all players and fans a lot of health. Ta...
2nd Match Day
2nd Match Day14/16 October 2020------------------------Wednesday 14.10------------------------FC Jako Tako - Migraines FC 0:4 (0:0)MIG: 2 Nitu (MVP), Cahill, O'DonoghueRaging Bull FC - Cork Eagles 7:1 (2:1)RAG: 4 Soares (MVP), 2 Nose, MartinsEAG: Sienicki G.-----------------Friday 16.10-----------...
1st Match Day
1st Match Day7/9 October 2020------------------------Rebel Army - Migraines FC 7:6 (4:3) REB:​ 2 McCarthy, 2 Skalic, Elshouky, Herkov, Horgan - Vrkljan (MVP)MIG: 2 Cahill, Nitu, O'Donoghue, Ryan / YC: NituS.I.F FC - Cork Eagles 7:3 (3:1)SIF: 4 Donoghue (MVP), 2 Galvin, CussenEAG: 2 Sienicki J., S...
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