Leisure Leagues FAQ's


Do Leisure Leagues Allow Ladies To Play In The League?
Yes, there are many ladies and mixed teams playing in across our leagues.
I'd Like To See The Full Rules, Where Can I View Them?
If you click here you'll see them in full
We're on holiday and will miss a game. What do we do?
You need to give at least 7 days notice if you are going to miss a game. If not , you will need to pay for the fixture
What does it mean if we have a game scheduled against a Points Match?
A Points Match, or space in the league usually occurs when we have to remove a team. Often we do this if have a poor disciplinary record. In this instance. While we are waiting for a new team to join in that space, you will be required to turn up and play the friendly against opponents that we arrange for you. You will need to turn up at your normal time on the fixtures. When you play the Points Match then you will receive a 5-0 win, but If you do not turn up for the match then you will have a 5-0 loss recorded against your team. Please note, you will also be liable to pay the match fee the following week for that game, i.e. two match fees if you do not pay for the game.
My team hasn't got the full match fee. Can we still play?
No, sorry. This is not possible. Matches will not kick off unless you provide the full match fee in advance
What happens if the league is cancelled?
This is extremely rare - and usually only occurs if there is bad weather - but if it does, then we will always let you know as soon as you can.
If we don’t get a game one week, what will happen?
This is rare but if it does happen then your Area Manager will call you the day after the league takes place and the position will be explained to you along with an apology.
I'd like to complain. How do I do it?
We take complaints very seriously. If you write to Head Office, Leisure Leagues PO Box 4713,Warwick ,CV31 9FS England It will be dealt with by a senior manager


Do Leisure Leagues run both indoor and outdoor leagues?
All of our leagues are 5 or 6-a-side and are played mostly outdoors on brand new all weather pitches - the best in the area. We do, though, also run a selection of high quality indoor leagues. Check the website for details.
How much do the games cost? And is there an entry fee?
Entry fees apply on most leagues. These vary depending in the situation. On rare occasions, some leagues have free entry. Similarly, the cost of matches each week varies from £18 - £34 for the whole team. These can either be paid online or at the league to the Match Official or Match Night Supervisor as applicable.
How long is the season in my league?
That depends on how many teams there are in each division. Each team will play each other twice, so for a typical eight team league, the season will last 14 weeks
How Many Teams Are There In Each Division?
Most of the leagues are between 6-12 teams, but this does differ from time to time. And on grading weeks it is likely that there will be more fixtures
Is there promotion and relegation in the league?
Yes the top two are promoted and the bottom two are relegated, in multi-division leagues. However, we reserve the right to promote or relegate a team that is finding it too easy in a low league, or relegate one that is finding it difficult in one above.
How many players can be used in one game?
Eight in a five a side game (5+3 subs) Nine players can be used in 6-a-side games (6+3 subs) if there are any more than that amount, your team will forfeit the fixture.
Is there a maximum amount of players we can use in a season?
No. Our "flexi-squad" system means you can play any amount of players throughout the season, as long as you don't have any more than eight in any one night for five a side match, and nine in a six a side.
Can we choose the kick-off times we play?
No, all teams must play a selection of kick-off teams but they will be within a time span. E.g 7-10pm.
What length are the games?
The games will be 26 or 36 minutes long, depending on the league you are part of
What happens if our opposition doesn't turn up?
This is very rare but if it does then a match night supervisor or referee will arrange a friendly game for you. You need to pay for this game and you will be awarded a 5-0 victory
A team has dropped out of the league. What happens?
Thankfully this doesn't happen very often, but when it does, we will make sure a friendly is arranged for you. You will need to turn up, pay your full match fee in order to get your 5-0 win.
We can't make a fixture, what happens?
If you cannot make a fixture, then if you give us seven days notice, you will not need to pay. If you do not give seven days notice then you will be liable for the full match fee.
What happens if my team need to vacate the league?
Teams that wish to vacate the league must provide 14 days notice and play out the two week notice period.
What about the Match Ball, do we need to bring one?
No, that's down to us. We provide the balls - top quality ones too. You bring the skills.
What about the referee, who supplies the ref?
We do. All our refs are fully qualified.
What type of footwear can be worn?
Our leagues are played on all types of surfaces from Astro Turf pitches to world class 5G facilities. As such each league is subject to different footwear regulations. The latest information is on the league page for the particular league.
Do we require matching shirts?
No necessarily football kit, but we do ask that teams wear colours. If this is not possible then the ref will have bibs.
Are shin pads compulsory?
No, but it is advisable, all players play at their own risk.