Play For Your Country

Play For Your Country

The opportunity to play for your country, receiving the adulation of millions, is on offer to all our players.

Leisure Leagues are the driving force behind the 6 a side World Cup, and that means only through us do you have the opportunity to do something that you have only dreamed of.

The Ireland Team At The World Cup 2019

Leisure Leagues players from around the world have formed the backbone of the teams for the world’s premier 6 a side competition, and they will be again.

The Leisure Leagues Stadium in Crete

The world cup, which takes place in a prime location each year, last took place in 2019 in Crete, with hundreds of players – just like you – from leagues all around the world, as far afield as Mexico and Egypt, Wales to Pakistan, represented their countries and made dreams come true.

The 2019 event was watched by 300,000,000 worldwide, giving players a real taste of the limelight.

It is only by playing with Leisure Leagues that you can get these wonderful opportunities, so sign up to your local league today.