Prize Draw, Trophies And TV Show

Prize Draw, Trophies  And TV Show
win a trip to Benidorm with us 

We are the only 5 and 6 a side league provider that gives teams a choice of prizes! 

We know some teams like trophies and medals, so you can choose those, but most teams gamble for the opportunity to get something massive.

On the first Tuesday of each month, we bring you Leisure Leagues TV direct from HQ, it brings all the fun of a live tv show along with YOUR moments of the week and the Leisure Leagues Prize Draw - and this is where you can win big! The star prize is a trip to Benidorm. 

Every team that wins a division, finishes runner up and every player that wins a Most Valuable Player award will now have the opportunity to win amazing prizes!  Including giving teams the chance to be jetting off to Benidorm with the whole team! 

Other prizes on offer include Arcade Machines, Air Pods and loads more! 

At the end of each season your league manager will contact all the winners and runners up and all you have to do is choose whether to take the gamble.

Good luck!